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Nonviolence Canada: grassroots activism in Ottawa

I just came across this organization, Nonviolence Canada. They provide nonviolence training workshops based on the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (i.e. Kingian Nonviolence). As their blog explains, they are an Ottawa-based grassroots organization with the following intentions:

  1. Introducing Kingian Nonviolence to Canadians through two-day interactive workshops.  This provides a common understanding of  concepts, terminology and a concise framework (embodied in 6 principles and 6 steps).
  2. Helping people to think about what nonviolence means to them and what it means to apply it in their lives.
  3. Evolving the concepts, terminology and  framework espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr. to encompass Canadian perspectives on nonviolence.

Their website can be found here: http://amydillonnv.wordpress.com/about/