The Non Violence International Film Festival

This is an amazing event that takes place from 1 p.m. – 11 p.m., on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at the Galt Little Theatre, in Cambridge, Ontario. Tickets are already on sale for the NVIFF here:

You can check out the schedule of films here:

Steve Cross, the Festival’s founder and director, has this to say about his endeavor:

The NVIFF (Non Violence International Film Festival) is a celebration of cinema where the subject matter and or themes are encouraged to celebrate and explore the human condition as well as ideas and concepts of Non Violence in all forms.

The Festivals mandate is to screen films that educate, challenge, inspire and entertain us through documentaries, animated and live action films without promoting violence or discrimination of any kind.

“We love the cinematic experience and storytelling. We have learned that when you focus a film festival in the unique way that we have, you open the tap to receive films that are typically flying under the radar. Films that are produced with such integrity, passion and skill that it’s a wonder how they haven’t penetrated the main stream. It has been a real pleasure and an incredible honor to have been able to bring so many of these films to our community over the years. Telling stories is unique to the human condition and we hope to continue celebrating films that speak to the heart and inspire the mind.”

All I can say is “Go Ontario!!!!” (and Steve Cross) for such an inspiring, ambitious project!


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