Update to Animal Abuser Registries

Animal abuser registries– a brilliant (relatively) new development. Canada is not too far along in this area, but you can sign a petition directed at Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This petition recognizes the importance of such a registry– similar to the Sex Offender Registry. To sign this petition or to learn more about it, visit this link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/35/animal-abuse-registry-in-canada/

The National Humane Education Society

Update: New states introducing animal abuser registry legislation include: Texas (HB 3747), Washington (HB 1786), and West Virginia (SB 468).

Legislation is currently pending for several states that would create animal abuser registries for those convicted of crimes involving animal abuse. Read our previous post for the full story.

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One thought on “Update to Animal Abuser Registries

  1. wildgame

    California nurse, Michael Dale Garitson was convicted of animal cruelty a few years ago, but a Judge let him keep his license. Garritson went on to work for a nurse agency and in private duty, where he was eventually caught last year abusing a defenseless autistic man in his care. And now, even after all this, he’s out on 3 years of probation. See this creep in action here to see why we need an animal abuse registry and why animal abuse convictions should be grounds to have your nursing license pulled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK1YqZ8ioaY [ONFN note: please view this video at your discretion]


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